Fantastik - 1 litre

Fantastik - 1 litre

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Instead of the traditional wax compound, Fantastik is a modern, water based polymer emulsion used for floor polish as well as tiles, linoleum, vinyl, marble and sealed wood.

Key Benefits

  • Spreads evenly with the help of a levelling agent.
  • A smooth, even finish makes for easier cleaning.
  • Resists scuffs and water stains.


  • Modern polymer chemistry containing millions of molecules that form a strong, resilient material with a high sheen.
  • Concentrated product requiring just one thin coat at a time.


Fantastik needs to be applied thinly and evenly in one direction, using a sponge or cloth.

More than one layer should be applied allowing approximately one hour between applications.

Fantastik need not be reapplied after each floor wash, although it is recommended that it be completely removed from time to time to avoid any build up.